Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to give my account password?

In order to benefit from our services, it is sufficient to provide your username or link address. We do not request your account password.

Our Instagram followers posted organically?

Our Instagram followers are sent by lottery. That's why our Instagram followers are accounts created by Worlds users. These accounts are not closed by Instagram. In this way, your Instagram followers are permanent.

Will Instagram likes that I buy go down?

There is no decrease in the likes you buy through Inspofy. In rare cases of falls, the drops are compensated when you contact our technical support team.

What is Instagram auto like? Is there a time limit?

Our Instagram automatic likes packages are packages of likes that our customers pay at once and have 12 rights. The usage time of these packages is unlimited. Only our company as has done this. In other companies, the period of use of these rights is 30 days. Now you can use your Instagram auto-like packages on any profile you want, whenever you want.

Will my order be processed immediately?

As Inspofy, we do all our operations automatically with the support of artificial intelligence robots. The packages you create are processed manually. Apart from that, if you want to start your transactions manually before making a payment, it is sufficient to inform our technical team.

Will my account follow, like, or comment after receiving service?

This is not possible as we do not ask you for your password. Cheap, free, copy sites ask you for this information, even your credit card information, and then you risk your account or credit card information. There is no such thing in Inspofy.

I want to share the Instagram likes I bought on my photos?

Of course, you can share the Instagram likes you bought on your photos. For this, you should contact our technical team before purchasing. This is because your transactions start automatically. When you contact our technical team, you can request this to be done manually.

Is it safe to give your credit card information? or third parties never know your credit card information. Card information is hidden by international payment institutions with a 256-bit encryption system. In this way, you can make your purchases with confidence.

Do you offer refunds?

Unconditionally gives refunds. You can claim your unused balances. However, the services you have purchased are non-refundable. The return process ranges from 7 to 15 business days.