Turn off WhatsApp Read Information

Turn off WhatsApp Read Information

How to turn on and off WhatsApp blue tick is one of the most basic issues in the application. Although people who have been using it for many years know it in detail, new users may still be strangers. WhatsApp is almost one of the most used messaging applications on the world. It offers a wide range of features that are constantly updated. One of them is the read information. Thus, even if people read a message, the blue tick is not transmitted to the opposite party. Thus, other people do not understand whether they are reading or not. Although it is quite convenient, you need to make sure before using it. Because it affects you as well as the opposite side.

Why is WhatsApp Read Information Turned Off?

WhatsApp is a program that is used extensively every day. It gives people the ability to talk to the people in their contacts at any time and place they want. Its features are extensive, and new ones are added every day. For this reason, those who are just using the program may wonder about even the most basic issues. WhatsApp read information is also among those that are useful for Decommissioning. As the name implies, this ensures that blue tick information about the messages it is reading is not transmitted to the upload. Nowadays, everyone wants the person they are texting to get back to them as soon as possible. But this is not always possible. At that time, if you cannot return or are unable to see and send messages due to the intensity, there are big problems. Because people don't see the dropout thing that has been seen. However, turning off the reading information puts a definite end to this. So even if you see it, the other party may not notice it.

How to Turn off WhatsApp Read Information?

WhatsApp read information can be turned off by each user without problems. Operations do not change for devices with both Android and iOS operating systems. Therefore, a solution can be found by following the following procedures; Log in to the WhatsApp application. You come to the Settings screen. After coming to the account screen, turn on privacy and security. Turn off the read information from the Privacy section. These operations are performed automatically, then at the time of registration. So that the information that was read in your messages is no longer gone. How to open WhatsApp blue tick can be performed at any time, by doing the opposite of these actions.

Does Turning off WhatsApp Read Information Affect the Situation?

WhatsApp allows users to share status. This is in a separate tab and is quite similar to the stories on social media platforms. When these are displayed, it is easy to see who is looking. But you need to pay attention if you want to turn off the read information. Because when WhatsApp closes the read information, the status information is no longer visible. Although the other party may not know that you have seen their stories, you will not list those who have seen your story either. Therefore, WhatsApp read information shutdown works not only unilaterally, but also bidirectionally. For this reason, you need to make sure before activating it. However, after you activate it, it is possible to see the situations by performing the return operations again, and you can start receiving the blue ticks normally.

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