How to Delete Youtube History

How to Delete Youtube History

Looking at how to delete Youtube history, you can make it automatically deleted and try to delete it manually one by one. Youtube even provides the ability to stop Youtube history along with recent updates. A new feature has been introduced for Youtube, which Dec the work in the field of user privacy, and Youtube search history can be deleted with the automatic deletion feature.


Youtube users can completely freeze the Youtube search history section along with the videos they have watched, or automate it to delete it within a certain time frame Dec the settings section. So you will be able to delete videos in a practical way, without having to delete them manually constantly.

Automatic Deletion of Youtube History

When viewing the steps that need to be followed to delete the Youtube viewing history automatically, go to the My Google Activity section, enter the Youtube History section and click on the Delete automatically option to select how long your Youtube viewing history data will be stored for. Users are offered different options for deleting Youtube history. When looking at these options,

  • You can choose to keep it for 18 months or delete it automatically, along with the option to keep it until I delete it.
  • As another option, you can select the Delete part automatically after holding it for 3 months.
  • You can complete your transactions by selecting an option you want and clicking on the Confirm section from the next section.
  • How to Search and Stop History on Youtube with Incognito Mode Dec
  • You can automatically block data collection on history in android applications on Youtube. If you want to stop the history other than deleting the Youtube history completely, you can automatically block the data collection process by following some instructions.

If you are watching or are going to watch videos that you don't want to appear in your past videos, incognito mode can be useful at this point. But if you've watched a video before and you're going to delete it from your history, incognito mode won't work.


When looking at the steps you need to follow to open incognito mode, First, you need to go to your web page on Youtube and click on the menu button located in the upper left corner of the page and click on the history option that appears under the library in the sidebar. If you want to remove an item from your tracking history, you may need to click the X mark on the right side at this point.

Deleting Youtube history If you want to delete Youtube history on your computer, you may need to hover over your video with the mouse to see X in this step. To view the list of all searches you have made on Youtube, you can select the search history and click Dec the X sign to the right of it to delete it. This is how you can delete items from your viewing history in the Youtube app for Android, Iphone or Ipad, and then go to the history tab after the library icon and remove it from the viewing history on the menu button.

With these steps, you can delete it from your search history via Youtube mobile and the web page application, so you will be able to hide, delete, and auto-delete using this feature offered by Youtube platforms Dec Deleting viewed videos is a difficult task, so these methods can be used.

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