How to Connect Instagram and Facebook Account

How to Connect Instagram and Facebook Account

Facebook and Instagram have been among the most used and visited social media platforms for many Dec. These two platforms are connected to a technology company called Meta and are managed from the same center. Nowadays, it is possible to connect different social media platforms to make them work in a synchronized way.

Connecting the Instagram account to Facebook is also a fairly easy and simple process. When these two platforms are connected, it is possible to publish a post you have shared on Instagram on Facebook as well. In addition, thanks to this feature, you can easily find your friends on your Facebook account on Instagram. Today, millions of users are actively using this feature.


How to Connect Instagram with Facebook?

Connecting the Instagram account to Facebook is a very simple process and will only take a few minutes. First, you need to log in to your Instagram account and click on your profile icon located at the bottom right. You should go to the settings by clicking on the three lines in the upper right part of the screen that appears to you. Then you need to click on the account tab and tap on the ‘Sharing in Other Applications’ option.

After these steps, you will be prompted to enter the information of your Facebook account on the screen that appears in front of you. If you enter this information correctly and completely, your Facebook account will be linked to your Instagram account. As a result of these actions, it is now possible to use your Instagram and Facebook account synchronously.


The Advantages of Connecting Instagram and Facebook

Connecting an Instagram account to Facebook will bring you many advantages. When you share a post on Instagram, you can also share it on your Facebook account with a single click on the same screen. Thanks to this feature, you will not need to share the same photo or video separately by entering the Facebook application.

By connecting the two platforms, you can also reach your Facebook friends via Instagram. In the same way, your friends can reach you very easily. Besides all this, when you connect your Instagram account to Facebook, you can log in to your Instagram account very easily using your Facebook account, even if you have forgotten your Instagram password. If you want to have all these advantages, you can make your Instagram account work in sync with your Facebook account by following the steps mentioned above.


Can the Instagram and Facebook Connection be Removed Later?

Linking an Instagram account to Facebook is a process that you can perform as many times as you want. You can disconnect the two platforms from each other, then reconnect them. There are no limits for these operations. In order to remove the link of your Instagram account with Facebook, you must first log in to your Instagram account.

After logging in to Instagram, you need to click on the profile icon located in the lower right part, and then on the account tab by logging in to the settings. When you click on the connected accounts from the screen that appears, the Facebook option will appear. By clicking on this option, it will be enough to click on the delete account button. By performing these steps, you can very easily unlink your Instagram and Facebook account. If you stop this process, you can reconnect it instantly.