Hiding Liked Posts on Twitter

Hiding Liked Posts on Twitter

Twitter likes are not wanted to be seen by many people. If the necessary settings are not made, other users can see what people like. Therefore, it is often asked by those who want a more discreet, self-specific use.

Twitter, like other social media platforms, allows user interactions. For this reason, likes are also made. People leave them in the tweets, photos and videos they like.But for different reasons it is also often asked how to hide them. Otherwise, a person who follows you will see without difficulty which of your shares you like. Although it may seem like an alarming situation, the platform allows each user to close it after some actions.

Hiding Liked Posts on Twitter

Many people do not want Twitter likes to appear on the main page. Questions about what needs to be done for this also follow this. If you follow the following steps, you can get the result you are looking for in a short time;

  • Log in to Twitter from mobile.

  • If your account is closed, log in.
  • After coming to the settings screen, open the privacy and security section.
  • Access the Tweet privacy section.
  • Click on Hide my tweets.

After following them in turn, it is possible to get a solution immediately. It is enough to enter the password for confirmation by saving the changes. Thus, your likes will also be hidden. If you want to open it again for everyone to see, just apply the opposite operations.


Are Likes Deleted on Twitter?

It is just as important to delete them as hiding likes on Twitter. Especially those who have been using the platform for many years may naturally want some of their old likes not to be seen. If hiding operations are not desired, there may be concern about the solution.

Although it seems that there is no solution, you just need to remove it one by one, finding your likes. To do this, just tap on the likes once. Then the solution is provided immediately. In contrast, if you have a lot of likes, it is a process that can take a long time.

At this point, some programs are also being investigated to delete Twitter likes. Today, third-party applications provide social media users with services on different topics. One of them is the options for deleting mass likes for Twitter.

Although these are available on the Internet, care must be taken. Because these applications or sites ask users to log in to their account. Thus, the likes of the user in question are seen and the deletion process is performed. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful for safety.

Twitter Likes Are Not Seen

Twitter has a structure that is constantly updated. In this regard, the offered features are also constantly increasing. Despite this, there are problems that are big in the eyes of users, albeit small ones. I can't see my Twitter likes, which is one of them.

There are different reasons for this condition. Their solution is quite simple and can be done as follows;

  • Delete the application and install it again
  • Updating the device, the Google Play Store and the application
  • Checking whether the Internet is pulling
  • Making sure the phone is tugging
  • Such actions can help you find a solution.
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