Adding an Instagram Contact Button

Adding an Instagram Contact Button

Today's Instagram, which has become one of the most visited social media platforms, stands out with its features personal accounts and professional accounts. Instagram has many features in its structure. This platform, which has been developing in everything from the past to the present day, has managed to gain the likes of millions of users.

Thanks to the Contact Instagram button, which is available only to users who have a professional account, users can add information such as email and phone number to their profiles. More content producers and businesses use this feature. For personal accounts, this feature is not very useful.


How to Get to the Professional Account to Add the Contact Button?

In order to add the Contact Instagram button, you need to make some changes to your account. At the very beginning, your account must be a professional account. To switch to a professional account, you must first go to the settings by clicking on the profile icon located at the bottom right. After going to the settings, you need to tap the Account tab.

When you tap the Account tab, you will see a screen. If you enter the information requested from you after clicking the Switch to Professional Account option on this screen, you will have switched your account to a professional account. Below we have explained in detail how to add the contact button


How to Add the Contact Instagram Button?

In order to add the Contact Instagram button, you must first log in to your Instagram account. After logging in, you need to tap the profile icon located in the lower right part, then the three lines located in the upper right part. From the screen that comes up, you should click on the Content Producer tab.

When you click on this tab, you will see a screen with many options. From this screen, you need to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account by clicking on the Connect and create tab. After completing the linking process, it will be possible to add any contact information from the same screen.

Linking Facebook and Instagram account is also a very useful feature as you can also find your Facebook friends on Instagram. In this way, two accounts can easily work in sync with each other.

What are the Advantages of the Contact Instagram Button?

The Contact Instagram button offers users many advantages. If you are a well-known person, you can contact your fans through this button, you can make sales partnerships and business partnerships with companies. This button is actively used by thousands of content producers and famous names. The number of professional account holders who do not actively use the Contact button is almost small.

The contact button is also actively used by enterprises. Thanks to this button, businesses can reach their customers by adding their contact information to their profiles and make sales. The presence of this button can also increase the confidence of the enterprise. It is possible to add your e-mail address and phone number to the profile if you wish. In fact, both of them can be added to the profile. You can also add your contact addresses to your profile by following the steps listed above.


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