Adding a New Location to Instagram

Adding a New Location to Instagram

Log in to Google maps from the Internet web page.

When you receive an alert that the location you are looking for has not been found in Google Maps, click October Add New Location button.

If the location you want to add is an empty field, your location insertion process will be completed instantly. But if you want to add a location belonging to a business or any other person, a code will be sent to your phone from Google Maps. You can add the location along with the incoming code.

You can use the location that you created from the Instagram Location Tagging section, which is always done after the process steps are completed. The viewing time of the newly added location can reach 7 days. at the end of 7 days, the saved location will be presented by the application for you to use whenever you share and want to add a location. The steps of adding a new location to the Instagram are completed in a short time and all the desired points can also be created in the location.

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